Meaning of acetone in English:


Pronunciation /ˈasɪtəʊn/

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mass nounChemistry
  • A colourless volatile liquid ketone made by oxidizing isopropanol, used as an organic solvent and synthetic reagent.

    Alternative name: propanone; chemical formula: CH₃COCH₃

    ‘Solvents permitted in the UK for extraction include acetone, hexane, ethyl acetate, ethyl alcohol, and carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘Ketones are extensively used as solvents, with acetone being the most well known example.’
    • ‘These may contain solvents such as toluene, isopropryl alcohol, ethyl and butyl acetates, acetone and other ketones.’
    • ‘Dyes using acetone or alcohol solvents can be diluted with water also.’
    • ‘The paint spray workshop also contained two acetylene cylinders, two oxygen cylinders and two propane bottles as well as chromic acid and acetone.’
    • ‘Finally, the drugs are recovered by using industrial solvents, such as acetone, ether, or chloroform.’
    • ‘Store flammable liquids such as gasoline, acetone, benzene, and lacquer thinner in approved safety cans, away from the home.’
    • ‘Nail polish remover is made from acetone and ethyl acetate, which can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat.’
    • ‘The masterminds of the bootleg scam evaded excise duty by substituting potable alcohol with industrial solvents such as acetone.’
    • ‘Flasks and bottles full of nitrates and sulphides and chlorates and acetone, labelled in English and Arabic, lay on dirty tables.’
    • ‘It was transporting iso-propyl acetone, better known as waste alcohol, which is a highly flammable substance.’
    • ‘Nakayama used acetone, a solvent, to extract the resin from guayule bagasse.’
    • ‘Shop dirt, oil and grease can be removed by either vapor degreasing or swabbing with acetone or another nontoxic solvent.’
    • ‘The literature cites the use of ether, chloroform, acetone and mineral oil as possible options.’
    • ‘Some patients can benefit from other techniques, including topical capsaicin and topical application of aspirin suspended in a volatile substance such as acetone.’
    • ‘An alternate method to remove lacquer is to rub with a cloth saturated with acetone or alcohol.’
    • ‘The supernatant was removed and stored and the pellets extracted with 100% acetone until they were colourless.’
    • ‘If acetone is splashed in the eyes, irritation or damage to the cornea will result.’
    • ‘Filtered cells were washed by centrifugation, twice with acetone and twice with diethyl ether.’
    • ‘The irony is that the German breweries rendered idle by Pasteur's strategy were adapted to manufacture acetone for cordite production.’


Mid 19th century from acetic acid+ -one.