Meaning of acetyl in English:



as modifier
  • Of or denoting the acyl radical —C(O)CH₃, derived from acetic acid.

    ‘acetyl chloride’
    • ‘an acetyl group’
    • ‘The company points to a Harvard research study that shows the plasticizer used - acetyl tributyl citrate - does not cause any health problems.’
    • ‘Oxaloacetate plus the acetyl group form the six-carbon citric acid, or citrate.’
    • ‘The footnote also stated that Hoffmann had arranged for several chemical derivatives of salicylic acid to be examined, not just its acetyl ester.’
    • ‘It is possible that this procedure with weak acetic acid may have converted naturally occurring salicylate to the acetyl form, that is aspirin itself.’
    • ‘An acetyl group was attached to residue 22 to mimic the preceding peptide bond and the C-terminal carboxylate was protonated.’



/ˈasɪtʌɪl/ /ˈasɪtɪl/