Meaning of acetylate in English:


Pronunciation /aˈsɛtɪleɪt/


[with object]Chemistry
  • Introduce an acetyl group into (a molecule or compound)

    ‘the enzymes show no evidence of having increased the efficiency with which they acetylate their substrates’
    • ‘Serotonin in this gland is acetylated, then methylated, forming melatonin.’
    • ‘Histones (DNA packaging proteins) have lysine tails, which can be acetylated in a post-translational modification step.’
    • ‘The N-terminal group was acetylated to reproduce the experimental conditions at which the protein was studied.’
    • ‘The proteins became acetylated instead, preventing glucose from attaching.’
    • ‘In addition to histones, some HATs can acetylate non-histone proteins, suggesting multiple roles for these enzymes.’