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Pronunciation /əˈtʃiːvə/

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  • A person who achieves a high or specified level of success.

    ‘his children are achievers destined to follow an exacting academic route’
    • ‘a high achiever’
    • ‘The Motivational section carries success stories of amazing achievers in India and overseas.’
    • ‘The fact of the matter is that companies spotlight individual achievers whose success makes the organization look good.’
    • ‘The families of these children were professional, successful, and high achievers in numerous pursuits.’
    • ‘He was a top achiever, a high flier destined for great things.’
    • ‘Too modest to celebrate her success in Pollock, she is fascinated by achievers such as Olympic athletes.’
    • ‘It is a heartening trend, and ample proof that youngsters are looking to follow the footsteps of achievers who conquer new domains.’
    • ‘Mia was everything Emily wasn't; successful, confident, an achiever.’
    • ‘Indeed, in some states there are no differences between the average university entrance scores of boys and girls and high achievers of both genders perform about equally well.’
    • ‘The post-work party had high performers and big achievers from the banking fraternity.’
    • ‘In some ways, Iain follows the classic profile of the early achiever.’
    • ‘Three workers with Bexley Care Trust have been recognised as outstanding achievers in the field of health and social care.’
    • ‘Is there a guarantee that the highest achievers among you will have charmed lives, with continued success and prosperity?’
    • ‘Some of the biggest success stories at home and abroad were not the highest achievers at school but still managed to make a name for themselves.’
    • ‘Niamh is one of a small group of top achievers in the recent music examinations at senior level who is being honoured at this event.’
    • ‘A great achiever, Dr Kalam says that success does not come on a platter.’
    • ‘High achievers and go-getters are naturally attracted to such challenges and will organise their own funding and resources in a quest to win that prize.’
    • ‘New leaders, achievers, and entrepreneurs have emerged.’
    • ‘Psychologists call it the ‘thrill factor,’ the urge that drives high achievers, often in the public eye, into taking unnecessary risks with their reputations.’
    • ‘Among the high achievers was Hannah, who made the grade in physics, biology, chemistry, maths and general studies.’
    • ‘Everyone who is nominated is awarded a certificate and the outstanding achievers are invited to a gala dinner to receive their award plus £500 courtesy of the award sponsors.’
    performer, doer, worker, succeeder, high achiever, activist, man of action, woman of action, force of nature, entrepreneur
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