Meaning of achiness in English:



(also British acheyness)

See achy

‘The virus may also be noted by a lack of appetite, general sluggishness and achiness, and by the strong feeling that everything is too much effort, including speech, eye-movement and sensible thought.’
  • ‘Right now I could do with someone to gently rub the achiness from my shoulders, back and legs; to bring me a cup of tea; to cuddle up against me and keep me warm at night.’
  • ‘Had an awful headache, the back is still sore, but most the other achiness has gone away.’
  • ‘Up to six months after the initial symptoms occur, the patient may experience flu-like symptoms such as achiness and shivering.’
  • ‘Second, a general achiness comes over our bodies, particularly when we sit more intensively: everything seems to hurt at once - our legs are aching, our shoulders and neck are sore, our back is on fire.’