Meaning of achondrite in English:



  • A stony meteorite containing no small mineral granules (chondrules).

    ‘Stones are divided into two main subcategories: chondrites and achondrites.’
    • ‘It has been identified in carbonaceous achondrite and iron meteorites.’
    • ‘There are a number of other achondrites that do not fit into any of the preceding groups or subgroups.’
    • ‘The shop offers a wide range of Lunar and Martian meteorites along with many rare achondrites and chondrites.’
    • ‘They are sometimes referred to as enstatite achondrites and might somehow be related to the enstatite chondrites.’
    • ‘Primitive achondrites then experienced varying degrees of melting, thermal processing, and recrystallization.’
    • ‘A third kind of achondrite would be a rock (like a chondrite) that was simply melted and cooled.’
    • ‘A related group of achondrites, called mesosiderites, are brecciated and metamorphosed.’
    • ‘From the crusts of differentiated asteroids and planets come the meteorites we call achondrites.’
    • ‘Based on their texture, stone meteorites are divided into two types, the chondrites and the achondrites.’
    • ‘However, three types of achondrites stand out from the others.’
    • ‘This very unusual achondrite has big lumps of iron in it.’
    • ‘Sources of other specific meteorites remain unproven, although another set of eight achondrites are suspected to have come from Mars.’
    • ‘Discovered at Reckling Peak, Antarctica, this type of meteorite is known as an achondrite.’
    • ‘The Specimens below are polished to a high luster on one side to allow viewing of the beautiful crystalline structure characteristic of this rare primitive achondrite!’
    • ‘A single blackened 361 gram achondrite was found in Dar al Gani, Libya at Lat. 26 deg. 55.17’ N and Long. 16 deg. 40.44’ E.’



/ˈeɪkɒndrʌɪt/ /aˈkɒndrʌɪt/


Early 20th century from a-‘without’ + chondrite.