Meaning of achromic in English:


Pronunciation /eɪˈkrəʊmɪk/


  • Having no colour except black, white, or shades of grey.

    ‘an achromic area of skin’
    • ‘In place of the scaly discs there remained clear blotches of an achromic appearance.’
    • ‘Patients can also have plaque-like hematomas and achromic patches on the retina.’
    • ‘An achromic halo was obvious around the primary melanoma.’
    • ‘Her face turned an achromic color, as if she had seen a ghost.’
    • ‘The lesions consisted of round achromic patches of two to three centimeters in diameter.’
    uncoloured, white, bleached, faded, washed out


Mid 18th century from a- + Greek khrōma ‘colour’.