Meaning of acid drop in English:

acid drop

Pronunciation /ˈasɪd ˌdrɒp/


  • A kind of boiled sweet with a sharp taste.

    ‘Barley sugar and acid drops are examples of this type of sweet.’
    • ‘The inviting assortment of goodies include acid drops, sherbet lemons, sherbet pips, coconut mushrooms, cinder toffee, Yorkshire mixtures, liquorice sticks, and lollies of all flavours under the sun.’
    • ‘Apparently the shop in Dulwich sells ‘sherbet lemons, sherbet pips, acid drops, and sweet tobacco’.’
    • ‘They are like normal acid drops but cranked up several notches so they give your mouth a really nice tingle.’
    • ‘You may feel nostalgic for the stab along the jaw at the first shot of an acid drop; the juicy succulence of a pastille; the explosion of sherbet on your tongue; the sheer hedonism of a gobstopper filling your cheeks.’