Meaning of acidophil in English:


Pronunciation /əˈsɪdə(ʊ)fɪl/


  • An acidophilic white blood cell.

    ‘Ehrlich had made a clear distinction between acidophil and basophil leukocytes.’
    • ‘No definite correlation was found between the number of acidophil bodies and grade or stage in this sample.’
    • ‘The cytoplasm of acidophils stain bright red, basophils deep blue, and chromophobes gray.’
    • ‘Many of the chromophobes may be acidophils or basophils that have degranulated and thereby are depleted of hormone.’
    • ‘At high power, chromophils can be seen to consist of acidophils and basophils, based on stain affinity in optimal sections with hematoxylin and eosin.’