Meaning of ack emma in English:

ack emma

Pronunciation /ˌak ˈɛmə/


informal, dated British
another term for a.m.
‘In two days I am transferred at one in the ack emma to here.’
  • ‘Their hours, which I strongly suspect to be irregular, are 10 in the pip emma to the same in the ack emma.’
  • ‘I plan to spend ack emma hunting butterflies and pip emma reading my favorite American authors, Webster, Scudder, and Gray.’
  • ‘Friday night, 3 ack emma, Menna fell out of her bed onto the bedside table.’
  • ‘On the other hand, I have a vision that this level of participation would involve an awful lot of bleary-eyed ol’ Dad having to stagger off to the pool at five ack emma.’


Early 20th century signallers' name for these letters.