Meaning of Acol in English:


Pronunciation /ˈakɒl/


  • A British system of bidding designed to enable partners with weaker hands to find suitable contracts.

    ‘Hugo Pollack's Bridge On One Page provides a one-page summary for beginners of a bidding system based on Acol.’
    • ‘The Acol bidding system has no preference for suits and the No Trump opening can be either weak or strong.’
    • ‘The distinction between Acol and Benjaminised Acol is explained, and common variants seen in Britain are mentioned.’
    • ‘The main difference between Acol and Standard American, when it comes to competitive bidding, is the Intermediate Jump overcall.’
    • ‘This guide to the Acol style of bidding is meant to reflect what one might expect sitting down with a pickup partner and agreeing to play ‘Acol’ or ‘Benjaminised Acol’.’


1930s from Acol Road in Hampstead, London, the address of a house in which the system was devised.