Meaning of acorn barnacle in English:

acorn barnacle


  • A stalkless barnacle that attaches itself to a variety of surfaces including rocks, ships, and marine animals.

    Genus Balanus, family Balanidae

    ‘Chthamalus anisopoma is a mid-intertidal acorn barnacle distributed throughout the Gulf of California.’
    • ‘Limpets and acorn barnacles are the most important food items on the wintering grounds of the Black Turnstone.’
    • ‘Here we will find acorn barnacles, mussels, crabs, and sea stars.’
    • ‘Mussels were removed using scrapers, a process that necessarily also removed most acorn barnacles intermingled among the mussels.’
    • ‘A tiny shell, acorn barnacles, and sand lie within the well of the bowl.’