Meaning of acouchi in English:


Pronunciation /əˈkuːtʃi/

nounplural noun acouchis

  • A large forest rodent resembling an agouti, found in the Amazon basin.

    Genus Myoprocta, family Dasyproctidae: two species

    ‘The dental formula of agoutis and acouchis is 1 / 1, 0 / 0, 1 / 1, 3/3 = 20.’
    • ‘Agoutis and their smaller relatives, the acouchis, are common diurnal rodents of the forest interior.’
    • ‘Unlike the other small mammals, acouchis are herbivores and eat grass roots, leaves, and fruit.’
    • ‘You can see tamarins, acouchis, wolves & bats among the 240 species at the El Paso Zoo.’
    • ‘The acouchi is a small-sized rodent with a round body and long, thin legs.’
    • ‘Restricted to tropical parts of the new world, it includes the paca, agoutis, and acouchis.’
    • ‘The slow-moving two-toed sloths, tiny dwarf mongoose, South American acouchi and African rock hyrax are other unique features of the daytime exhibits.’
    • ‘The larger types of agoutis range from 42 to 62 cm in head and body length; two types of agoutis, also called acouchis, are a quarter of the size.’
    • ‘The exhibit contains more than 13 species of birds, as well as acouchis, a Boa constrictor, a pair of slow-moving sloths, and a tarantula.’
    • ‘Ours was home to assorted acouchis, agoutis, Pygmy Marmosets (Cebuella [Callithrix] pygmaea), and Blue-headed Parrots.’


Late 18th century from French, from Tupi.