Meaning of acoustic guitar in English:

acoustic guitar


  • A guitar that does not require electrical amplification, having a hollow body that amplifies the string vibrations.

    ‘he toured alone, playing an acoustic guitar’
    • ‘Hunched over his acoustic guitar in a shabby Los Angeles nightclub, he hardly looks like Hollywood's newest sensation.’
    • ‘Oboes, flutes and violins flutter over acoustic guitar, the foundation of most songs on this CD.’
    • ‘Anyone who sits around with an acoustic guitar singing songs with their friends will enjoy this infectious look into the way people relate to each other through music.’
    • ‘Acoustic guitars are strummed hard and fast on some songs, and are played with melodic flair on others.’
    • ‘At center stage an acoustic guitar lay face down.’
    • ‘Melodic and heartfelt lyrics meld seamlessly with gentle acoustic guitar riffs, pianos and xylophones and light drumming.’
    • ‘I was about 13 when I first heard someone strumming an acoustic guitar.’
    • ‘He ambles on to the stage, scruffed-up in his black leather jacket and clutching his black acoustic guitar.’
    • ‘A simple acoustic guitar melody begins to play accompanying his voice.’
    • ‘A lone singer with an acoustic guitar was a rare occurrence in 1977.’