Meaning of acquihire in English:


Pronunciation /akwɪˈhʌɪə/


(also acqhire)
  • An act or instance of buying out a company primarily for the skills and expertise of its staff, rather than for the products or services it supplies.

    ‘this would appear to be a straight acquihire to pick up an engineering and product design team’
    • ‘We should be happy that all the people there found a home through acquihire but not overstate the importance of the shutdown.’
    • ‘Are camera apps going to become a hotbed of acquihire and/or acquisition?’
    • ‘Yahoo made another acquihire Wednesday.’
    • ‘This looks to be an actual, honest-to-god service acquisition, and not an acquihire for the engineering talent as has become so common in the Valley of late.’
    • ‘If she had not succeeded at creating a better vibe at the company, I'd argue that her ability to hire through acquihire would have been greatly lessened.’
    • ‘It turned out to be an acquihire and the ID team got spread out over Automattic's more pressing needs.’
    • ‘The acquisition was indeed an acquihire.’
    • ‘There have been a string of splashy acquisitions (the Dailymotion buyout, the Jybe acquihire, and then Summly).’
    • ‘This was not a pure "acqhire" for the team alone.’
    • ‘The acqhire is another example of how top-tier accelerators are becoming talent feeders for big tech companies.’
    • ‘Rather than stifling innovation, this acqhire might see a cool startup in the hands of new leaders passionate about disrupting the car buying experience.’
    • ‘Acquisitions for talent, or "acquihires," are also on the table, the company said.’


(also acqhire)
[with object]
  • Buy out (a company) primarily for the skills and expertise of its staff, rather than for its products or services.

    ‘the start-ups are being acquihired in a bid to harvest their talent’
    • ‘When I spoke to the former CEO whose company was acquihired, he said there was a lot that Facebook could do in separate feeds for different content types.’
    • ‘He joined in 2011, when the company acquihired his startup.’
    • ‘We're still incredibly proud that the service continues to run two years after we were acquihired.’
    • ‘While entrepreneurs don't start companies to be acquihired, you don't want to preclude yourself from that option.’
    • ‘It's powered by talent acqhired from a solar-powered drone maker as well as poached from NASA.’
    • ‘The most talented (or lucky) people get "acqhired" for $77 million each.’
    • ‘If they have such great engineers and minds, why are they "acquiHiring?"’
    • ‘He views acquihiring as a way to infuse a growing company with much-needed talent and entrepreneurial vigour.’


Early 21st century blend of acquisition and hire.