Meaning of acquired characteristic in English:

acquired characteristic



(also acquired character)
  • A modification or change in an organ or tissue that is due to use, disuse, or environmental effects during an organism's lifetime.

    ‘The giraffe is often used as an example of contrast between Lamarck's idea of acquired characteristics with Darwin's natural selection.’
    • ‘The details of this theory need not concern us, except to note that it was ‘Larmarckist’ in its contention that it is possible for organisms to inherit acquired characteristics.’
    • ‘There are, however, a few examples of biological systems in which acquired characters are passed onto future generations.’
    • ‘He had observed that certain species had profoundly reduced or rudimentary organs, and he explained them not as a consequence of natural selection, but as evidence of the inheritance of acquired characters.’
    • ‘In the usual phrase, an acquired character has, at least partly, been inherited.’
    • ‘The theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics postulated by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck early in the 19th century is undergoing a surprising revival, albeit in modified form.’