Meaning of acrolectal in English:




See acrolect

‘They are arranged along a post-creole continuum which has acrolectal (those varieties closest to the superstrate) at one end and basilectal (those varieties furthest from it) at the other.’
  • ‘This study focuses on the loan terms which occur in both this basic form and its acrolectal counterpart.’
  • ‘Even within noun morphology, acrolectal features are in most cases counterbalanced by a wider occurrence of basi-and mesolectal features, especially as for the personal pronoun system.’
  • ‘Van Herk analyzes informal conversations and recorded interviews with 9 informants, ages 17-80, and finds that Bajans of all classes switch to more acrolectal forms when recorded.’
  • ‘Another is that a particular basilectal variant for one meaning/function may sometimes be used in combination with the particular acrolectal variant for another meaning/function.’