Meaning of acropetally in English:




See acropetal

‘On each plant, leaves were identified on day 0 according to their nodal position with respect to the youngest fully expanded leaf, L0, and numbered acropetally, L1, L2, etc.’
  • ‘The abaxial surface of the wings bears hairs that are directed acropetally to the awn/wing interface and then become oriented towards the tip of the wing.’
  • ‘The floral meristems are formed acropetally and are initiated on the periphery of the inflorescence meristem, being protected by bracts.’
  • ‘One year after its extension period, each shoot develops axillary branches (including the relay shoot) whose vigour increases acropetally.’
  • ‘Bracts are initiated acropetally on the racemose inflorescence, or below the terminal flower.’