Meaning of acrophobia in English:


Pronunciation /ˌakrə(ʊ)ˈfəʊbɪə/


mass noun
  • Extreme or irrational fear of heights.

    ‘Carla develops acrophobia (fear of heights), which makes it difficult for her to take elevators, park her car, or do flagpole sitting.’
    • ‘For example, a person may have several spirits of acrophobia (fear of heights).’
    • ‘Less common is acrophobia, ‘fear of heights‘; this derives from the Greek ‘akros’ for a thing that is topmost, or at the tip or extremity of something.’
    • ‘James has lived in his flat for 16 years and suffers from psychosis, asthma and acrophobia.’
    • ‘A couple of examples are claustrophobia and acrophobia.’
    • ‘For all that, it's easy to understand why some analysts and investors are feeling a bout of acrophobia coming on.’
    • ‘A patient suffering from acrophobia wears 3 - D goggles and a head motion tracker and uses a wireless mouse to take a glass elevator up to a floor of his choosing in a 15-story building.’
    • ‘Viharo and Tyrrell, as a has-been child actress now in her adult years and suffering from acrophobia, completely steal the show with their creepy, intense performances.’
    • ‘If you have acrophobia, I'd recommend keeping your eyes shut.’
    • ‘Battling acrophobia and nausea as you scale the mast of this 104-foot-tall ship to the crow's nest and peer down into the roiling water below.’
    • ‘I noticed how you were staring at the window, acrophobia I suppose?’
    • ‘I remember having to lecture to a group at the Windows on the World up at the very top there, and just being terrified the entire time because my acrophobia went to red alert.’
    • ‘Shibe Park had a press box far above the playing field, and a visiting reporter might get a queasy stomach if he was afflicted with acrophobia.’
    • ‘I reckoned acrophobia was part of everyone's make up, more pronounced in some and lying latent in those guys who sat swinging their legs over the skyline of New York.’
    • ‘Finding the equipment and an instructor wasn't difficult, but admitting acrophobia was more than I was willing to expose.’
    • ‘Except, perhaps, for those suffering from acrophobia, among whom it seems likely to promote the screaming meemies.’
    • ‘Some people get over their acrophobia by going skydiving or bungee jumping.’
    • ‘If Joe has acrophobia, just say he may not be suitable for work at high elevations.’
    • ‘Many pilots still enjoy flying even though they have some degree of acrophobia.’
    dizziness, giddiness, light-headedness, loss of balance, loss of equilibrium, spinning of the head, swimming of the head


Late 19th century from Greek akron ‘summit’ + -phobia.