Meaning of across from in English:

across from


  • Opposite.

    ‘she sat across from me’
    • ‘The outlet is based at Friary Road in Naas just across from the motor tax office.’
    • ‘The site is located down a laneway beside the canal across from the Hazel hotel.’
    • ‘Matt watches her from across the way, since her window is exactly across from his.’
    • ‘She scolded the man across from her who refused to give up his seat to a lady.’
    • ‘So he sits down across from me in one of the chairs they have set up in the the waiting area patio.’
    • ‘However, that morning a young boy with extremely dark skin was sitting across from us.’
    • ‘For the past couple of months, I've been following the vicissitudes of a guy living across from me.’
    • ‘Then he leaned forward with a wide smile and slapped a high-five on the hand of someone sitting across from him.’
    • ‘It has been five and a half years now since they last sat across from each other at a table.’
    • ‘In the hospital, after school, he sat on one side of the bed, across from his mother.’
    • ‘She sat down across from me at the one available picnic table in the cobbled courtyard outside our building.’
    • ‘There was a pitch and putt course across from my house and we all played.’
    • ‘One of the men across from us reminds me of a fish, his lips and something slimy they do when he looks at me.’
    • ‘John spots Susan sitting across from him at an insider LA eatery and makes his way over to her table.’
    • ‘One of the amazing things was there were three unoccupied seats just across from me.’
    • ‘We live right across from the desert in the foothills of the Tucson Mountains.’
    • ‘The man across from me thinks I'm smiling at him so he smiles at me smiling, and I smile even more.’
    • ‘If you can get a good spot just across from the exit to the emergency room, you're set.’
    • ‘Just across from the entrance to the grounds the grass is being cut on the public space.’
    • ‘She didn't seem to have noticed the man standing on the traffic island directly across from her.’
    facing, face to face with, across from