Meaning of across the board in English:

across the board

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  • 1Applying to all.

    ‘the cutbacks might be across the board’
    • ‘This applies right across the board, as people are keen to find out news from home or find out information on an area.’
    • ‘The problem here is coordination, and it's coordination across the board.’
    • ‘The side dishes and appetizers were okay, but uneven across the board.’
    • ‘It allows schools to build a centre of excellence, and use that specialist excellence and ethos to raise standards across the board.’
    • ‘A low-fat diet and exercise, however, produced strong results across the board.’
    • ‘So it's something that needs to be looked at right across the board.’
    • ‘It's a pretty simple concept, and apparently it applies across the board, no exceptions.’
    • ‘Mr Henderson said the money was not earmarked for either secondary or primary education but was general funding across the board.’
    • ‘He said it was most likely that the eventual pay deal will result in increases of around 3.44 per cent across the board.’
    • ‘And better childcare for women could increase the female participation in the workforce across the board.’
    • ‘That is, if tariffs were applied, then they were applied across the board.’
    • ‘When asked where exactly the cuts would be made, Mr Collins said the savings would have to come from across the board.’
    • ‘So greater regulation and enforcement of industrial laws are needed, but they must apply across the board.’
    • ‘Values such as scientific rationalism and secularism are today on the retreat in all areas of life, and across the board in education.’
    • ‘The plan commits the council to tackle the way it operates across the board - from the way it is structured to how it delivers services.’
    • ‘The first wave of fresh buying often goes into tracker funds, which invest in shares across the board, irrespective of the sector.’
    • ‘This is a public policy decision which has to be applied across the board.’
    • ‘Apply this principle across the board to other areas of life and you lose more than you gain.’
    • ‘We've heard nothing but praise for this film so far, but strangely it gets three stars across the board from the broadsheet reviewers.’
    • ‘Beyond any purely national relevance, many of his points apply right across the board.’
  • 2US (in horse racing) denoting a bet in which equal amounts are staked on the same horse to win, place, or show in a race.

    • ‘The BBC, sensing a winner, cashed in all their espionage chips, and placed bets across the board.’