Meaning of across the way in English:

across the way

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(also British over the way)
  • Nearby, especially on the opposite side of the street.

    ‘we went for a meal in the Italian restaurant across the way’
    • ‘he watched the lighted windows of a flat across the way’
    • ‘the family from over the way were joining in the argument’
    • ‘Soon, hopefully, there will be a computer, blocking my view of the perfect family across the way.’
    • ‘There's a nice view of the street and the park across the way.’
    • ‘Next they went to the fire hydrant across the way on the other street and finally they got water.’
    • ‘It's not a nice thing looking out at other family members living across the way, with no heating or lighting; that's why we allowed them to connect up to us.’
    • ‘Now Jake and Marcy are happily divorced - Jake, indeed, lives in a trailer parked across the way from the family's beachside home.’
    • ‘I used to go to Sherington school, just over the way, and there's no way that many kids were driven to school when I was a nipper.’
    • ‘My father's mother lived downstairs, my mother's mother lived across the road and all my uncles and aunts lived in the building across the way or the building behind.’
    • ‘‘The woman and her husband moved in across the way from us when we lived in Birkenhead,’ explained Miles.’
    • ‘I was sitting on the balcony a little while ago, enjoying the cool breeze, and noticed someone walking around in an apartment across the way.’
    • ‘The only green space is the graveyard across the way from the hospital - there's nowhere to get fresh air or play.’
    • ‘He has that garage over the way, but he's an odd one.’