Meaning of acrylamide in English:


Pronunciation /əˈkrɪləmʌɪd/


mass nounChemistry
  • A colourless crystalline solid which readily forms water-soluble polymers.

    The amide of acrylic acid; chemical formula: CH₂CHCONH₂

    ‘For the occupational toxicants acrylamide and 1,3-butadiene a genetic risk assessment was performed based on heritable translocation data.’
    • ‘Further, for the case of acrylamide, the polymerization was roughly twice as fast under nitrogen as in air.’
    • ‘The gel is a thin slab of acrylamide polymerized between two glass plates.’
    • ‘Recent reports about a chemical called acrylamide, found in carbohydrate-rich foods, may give some scientific credence to an uncooked diet.’
    • ‘This amino acid could supply nitrogen, an ingredient of acrylamide, Mottram says.’


Late 19th century from acrylic+ amide.