Meaning of act of contrition in English:

act of contrition


  • 1(in the Roman Catholic Church) a penitential prayer.

    ‘we said an act of contrition together’
    • ‘Faustus considers the acts of contrition, prayer, and repentance, and concludes that they are merely foolishness.’
    • ‘When we say the act of contrition, at least the old act of contrition, in the Catholic Church, we say, ‘I firmly resolve, with the help of thy grace, to confess my sins, to do penance and to amend my life, amen.’’
    • ‘We will have to listen to what our critics are saying and not just dismiss them out of hand, and sometime we may even have to offer an act of contrition.’
    • ‘He went to the driver's side of the car and said the act of contrition into his ear.’
    • ‘This process involves confession to a priest, acts of contrition, receiving absolution, and performing works of satisfaction.’
    • ‘Church had taught her no matter how great her transgression, acts of contrition and heartfelt apologies offered absolution.’
    1. 1.1Something done to make amends for an offence.
      ‘From the FAA's point of view, the very process of filing the report is considered an act of contrition by the pilot.’
      • ‘There is, of course, a tradition of public acts of contrition.’
      • ‘She would be applauded by the Irish people for making such an act of contrition on their behalf.’
      • ‘Look for an act of contrition in the Times' corrections tomorrow.’
      • ‘Such acts of contrition by the creators of popular entertainment are extremely rare.’
      • ‘Another reason U.S. companies look askance at such acts of contrition has to do with the prevailing legal system.’
      • ‘Despite his act of contrition, peace it seems has not broken out.’
      • ‘You spent your whole life in Peru as a laborer and dedicated yourself to unyielding acts of contrition.’
      • ‘To make amends, however, he went out and splashed out $4 million on a diamond ring in a costly act of contrition.’
      • ‘Look, saying the words "I'm sorry" is fine but we need to see an act of contrition.’
      • ‘But his remarks also served as an act of contrition toward social conservatives.’
      • ‘Regret and apology often work, as do acts of contrition and humility.’
      • ‘The other possibility is that it was an act of contrition for the shedding of blood.’
      • ‘You do acknowledge that paying reparations is an act of contrition, yes?’
      • ‘His speech will not, therefore, amount to an act of contrition for his perceived mistakes.’
      • ‘Will they pay back the 'private' money in a heroic act of contrition for imposing such a shamingly undignified device on a great city?’
      • ‘These presidential acts of contrition, offered with evident emotion and sincerity, evoked a predictable response from his critics.’
      • ‘These comments show that he realized the hurt his words could inflict and that he felt moved to make acts of contrition for what he said over the radio.’
      • ‘Opposition leaders welcomed her public act of contrition, but said it contradicted his insistence when the scandal broke a fortnight ago that she had done nothing wrong.’