Meaning of act out in English:

act out

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phrasal verb

  • 1act something out, act out somethingPerform a narrative as if it were a play; translate something into action.

    ‘students were encouraged to act out the stories’
    • ‘were there any early indications that he was getting ready to act these fantasies out?’
    act out, act, perform, play, appear in, stage, mount, put on, present, do
    1. 1.1Psychoanalysis Perform an action or actions thought to provide an outlet for emotional or mental conflicts.
  • 2mainly North American Behave badly, especially when unhappy or stressed.

    ‘many children who act out while awaiting placement in a healthcare facility end up in juvenile detention’
    • ‘kids act out in school when their needs are not being met or there are other problems at home’