Meaning of act the maggot in English:

act the maggot


informal Irish
  • Behave in a foolishly playful way.

    • ‘we'd all walk in a line behind him, acting the maggot, you know, imitating him’
    • ‘Mud, rain, music, people acting the maggot - in fact there was only one thing missing from this year's festival, sadly - the late great John Peel.’
    • ‘Are you going to act the maggot, and get yourself in trouble?’
    • ‘If you want to ‘act the maggot’ in Castlebar you are going to end up in court.’
    • ‘He wasn't alone: the Dáil had an end-of-term feel about it, and there was a goodish amount of giddiness and a lot of general acting the maggot.’
    • ‘I'm not being lazy, I promise - my computer is seriously acting the maggot.’