Meaning of actinomorphy in English:




See actinomorphic

‘If all parts are equally spaced around the centre, the flowers are radially symmetrical, a condition termed actinomorphy.’
  • ‘According to the theory, the primeval features are: actinomorphy, hermaphroditic polymer flower with an apocarpous gynoeceum.’
  • ‘The presence of five stamens is always associated with actinomorphy (radial symmetry) of the corolla (Ramonda, Thamnocharis, Bournea, Tengia, Conandron, Bellonia, Napeanthus p.p.).’
  • ‘We find strong support for floral integration and its relation with floral morphology (actinomorphy vs zygomorphy) and for a decoupling of floral and vegetative traits, but no evidence that modular integration varies with floral morphology.’
  • ‘Look for an elongate floral axis, numerous parts that are spirally arranged, lack of differentiation between calyx and corolla, actinomorphy (regular flowers), and lack of connation (fusion of like parts) and lack of adnation (fusion of unlike parts).’