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action replay


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  • 1British A playback of part of a television broadcast, typically one in slow motion showing an incident in a sporting event.

    North American term instant replay

    ‘And we learnt that pitch-invaders probably do not warrant a slow-motion action replay from a reverse-camera angle, which is what Sunday's got.’
    • ‘I realised when I came out of the jungle and saw the action replay, that I'd actually done eleven hundred.’
    • ‘How many times have you watched a match and waited for the action replay to see what REALLY happened?’
    • ‘He was watching the match earlier on satellite in his London hotel room and is amused by the idea that in a few years he might be able to get an action replay of the final goal directly from a mobile.’
    • ‘There was no action replay, so if you missed something, it stayed missed.’
    • ‘Once you've finished the fight you then get to watch the fighting in an action replay with lots of visual goodies like film grain.’
    • ‘But in his head Angus was running an action replay of the conversation in Matheson's office.’
    • ‘But when an action replay was shown of the player punching an opponent, and drawing blood, it was met with an eerie silence.’
    • ‘The benefits of the action replay have long been acknowledged by armchair sports fans.’
    • ‘Championship when Kerry were awarded a goal against Tipperary when, on watching the action replay, it was clear that the ball had hit the stanchion behind the goal.’
    • ‘As an action replay confirmed, the team were indeed right together, as close as is practical when you are flailing about in warrior fashion and more or less in unison.’
    • ‘Little did they know that I was sitting alongside the commentator, and had the benefit of his television monitor and the action replays to ensure accuracy.’
    • ‘Is the wonderful uncertainty of sport being sacrificed on the altar of unrelenting action replays?’
    • ‘The 27-square metre screen, which shows action replays, close-up shots and one-to-one interviews, is to be expanded to a whopping 30 square metres.’
    • ‘The company has the rights to the digital content around the games so subscribers will be sent action replays of goals within minutes.’
    • ‘Just have the steaks ready marinated or the cod casserole bubbling gently away during the first half and you'll be tucking in in time for the half-time action replays.’
    • ‘Somewhere along the line I turned on the TV, to catch the last of the celebrations in Honolulu, and the first of an endless series of action replays of the highlights of the parties from around the world.’
    • ‘In the film, Johan and his team managed to capture accurately the energy of those Match of the Day moments using action replays, amusing commentary.’
    • ‘The procedure is as essential as action replays in sports highlights.’
    • ‘It can reveal more about the competitors and their sport than any number of action replays.’
    1. 1.1 informal An exact repetition of an action or event.
      • ‘it's an action replay of last year's exhibition’
      • ‘the second trial was an action replay of the first’
      • ‘There was a collective groan as Hayles collided with a Dutch rider and clattered down the steep incline in an action replay of an incident which had ended his Olympic dream in Sydney.’
      • ‘The calamitous covering work continued three minutes later when a Moore cross and free Thompson header offered an action replay of the first goal.’
      • ‘Our first game against Pakistan was an action replay of the recently concluded Pepsi Cup final in Bangalore where India were thrashed.’
      • ‘And you'd like an action replay of the great storm of seventeen oh-three?’
      • ‘The change immediately paid off, as in an action replay of the first innings, Lawson had Strauss caught behind reaching for a full, wide ball.’
      • ‘Five minutes after the restart Hart produced an action replay with another lethal cross from the left, and this time Craig Dargo stepped in to give his team the lead for the first time.’
      • ‘It was almost an action replay of last year's race, when Ballyvaddy scored in a bigger field.’
      • ‘The producer and writer bills his show Aladdin's New Adventure, and while the plot is still an action replay of the familiar story, there is plenty of the new to this lively entertainment.’
      • ‘Dumbarton battled throughout, but they had to surrender when McFarlane hit the target in the 62nd minute and staged an action replay for Ally Dawson's side two minutes from the end.’
      • ‘Before Clydebank could draw breath, English, who started his career at Rangers, had staged an action replay to complete a real smash-and - grab raid.’
      • ‘That set the stage for Walker and he got on the scoresheet with a typical effort in the 46th minute, and he staged an action replay 20 minutes later.’
      • ‘The half ended with an action replay of Charvis's charge into the Scottish 22 through a similarly-enfeebled Scottish defence.’
      • ‘In many ways, this was an action replay of last week, when Gloucester triumphed 23-19.’
      • ‘However, Hardie staged an action replay to snatch a second in the 58th minute.’
      • ‘His 10-yard finish, from a David Hagen cross, was virtually an action replay of his first.’
      • ‘Three minutes later there was almost an action replay with Stenhouse's long pass putting the wing away again.’
      • ‘They staged a remarkable action replay a minute after the turnaround to claim a second.’
      • ‘In an action replay of the Big Bang, cyberspace is fast breaking up into distinct and solitary galaxies, with separate ‘Cyber Worlds’ for different groups of people.’
      • ‘The excitement at the signing of photographs was an action replay of Elvis himself all those years ago.’
      • ‘Many of those who thoroughly enjoyed the inaugural soccer school last year will be back again for an enjoyable and beneficial action replay.’