Meaning of action research in English:

action research



mass noun
  • Studies carried out in the course of an activity or occupation, typically in the field of education, to improve the methods and approach of those involved.

    ‘Jarvis introduces several approaches that serve the applied scientist well-case study, action research, collaborative arrangements, and the use of documents and surveys.’
    • ‘Why aren't we letting the NBCTs who have engaged in self-study through action research be more actively involved in facilitating and coordinating their district's professional development efforts?’
    • ‘The research approach used was action research, adapted for the specific context of business and information technology research.’
    • ‘They call for field research and action research that introduces, observes, and records the outcomes of interventions over time.’
    • ‘This study has shown that action research is a feasible way of developing complex interventions involving combinations of service redesign, professional development, and user education.’