Meaning of activated sludge in English:

activated sludge

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mass noun
  • Aerated sewage containing aerobic microorganisms which help to break it down.

    ‘Waste water is purified in that an aerated mixture of waste water with activated sludge is degassed before being discharged into the secondary settling basin.’
    • ‘Enzymatic reduction of Cr by hexavalent Cr-tolerant Pseudomonas ambigua G - 1 isolated from activated sludge has been reported.’
    • ‘The most common is activated sludge, a process in which microbes, also known as biomass, are allowed to feed on organic matter in the wastewater.’
    • ‘The EPA said activated sludge should not be present in the final effluent and that the quality of the effluent entering the river from the plant was poor.’
    • ‘It is well documented that, even for a pure domestic waste, an incoming COD: BOD ratio of 2: 1 will increase as treatment progresses and that the corresponding ratio after, say, activated sludge will be in the region of 8: 1.’