Meaning of activation in English:


Pronunciation /ˌaktɪˈveɪʃn/

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mass noun
  • 1The action or process of making something active or operative.

    ‘phones with voice activation’
    • ‘the constant activation of the vibrating alert is running the batteries down’
    • ‘A long-term weather forecast of hotter than normal conditions should signal early activation of a heat stress management plan.’
    • ‘A recently adopted product activation strategy makes sure you don't install the tax-preparation software on two computers.’
    • ‘The first activation of the new rights will be a mobile marketing initiative.’
    • ‘Such cross activation could, in theory, also occur between widely separated areas.’
    • ‘Have you kept a copy of all your software activation keys somewhere safe?’
    • ‘Whether it's motion sensing, voice activation, or simply breathing, there are new ideas being concocted all over the place.’
    • ‘By applying this model along with a spreading activation algorithm, they can predict the number of requests for each page in a website.’
    • ‘As their website declares, there's no contract, no roaming charges, no long-distance fee, no activation fee, no hassles!’
    • ‘We are not able to communicate the activation states of our brains in such a way that they are perfectly replicable by others.’
    • ‘Routine circumstances include calls made by an occupier following the activation of fire or burglar alarms.’
    1. 1.1Chemistry The process of making a substance chemically or catalytically active.
      ‘During the activation process, they used steam to bombard the charred material to induce porosity.’
      • ‘The oxidative stress can begin a cascade of events leading to cell shrinkage, DNA fragmentation, and activation of protease.’
      • ‘Phosphatases, acting as the "off switch," control the activation of protein kinases.’
      • ‘It is suggested that this compound prevents activation of phospholipase, rather than inhibiting its activity.’
      • ‘It induces the production of nitric oxide and inhibits the activation of monocyte chemoattractant protein.’
      • ‘Although the pathogenesis of the syndrome is not precisely understood, the activation of coagulation is an important mechanism of injury.’
      • ‘We compare them to those underlying the activation of overall protein synthesis.’
      • ‘Conversion of the photoproduct could be achieved by thermal activation measured in temperature-cycling experiments.’
      • ‘It decreases the rate of steady-state catalysis but does not impair the activation of the enzyme.’
      • ‘This indicates that the chemical process is dominated by an activation barrier.’
      • ‘A weaker fluoride chemical activation is needed to form the film on the surface, whereas using the higher-concentration activator produced poor adhesion.’