Meaning of active birth in English:

active birth


mass noun
  • Childbirth during which the mother is encouraged to move around freely and assume any position which feels comfortable.

    ‘She is trained with the British wheel of yoga and has worked with the active birth movement.’
    • ‘I didn't like the thought of going away and leaving the children when I went into hospital and I also wanted to have an active birth.’
    • ‘It has also been proven that an active birth is a safer one than where the woman is confined to a bed.’
    • ‘Lisa teaches yoga and pre-natal yoga in addition to the active birth workshops.’
    • ‘If you are hoping to have an active birth in a hospital setting you may wish to ask the following questions.’
    • ‘As the name suggests, an active birth means being active and not confined to the bed during labour and childbirth.’
    • ‘She sees an active birth as a means of reclaiming our fundamental power as birth giver, mother, and woman; and of giving a newborn the best possible start in life and a safe transition, womb to world.’
    • ‘Senior industrial design lecturer Leong Yap has just won a prestigious best design award for his active birth chair.’
    • ‘I just wanted to say thank you for the yoga classes and the active birth workshop.’
    • ‘I was quite ignorant back then and I didn't really know that stirrups are not used anymore and the active birth is rather encouraged in the hospitals (private or public) in Australia.’