Meaning of active citizen in English:

active citizen


  • A person who actively takes responsibility and initiative in areas of public concern such as crime prevention and the local community.

    • ‘The revival of Oldham must begin with active citizens and empowered communities prepared to take responsibility.’
    • ‘There is no reason why scourges such as lingering poverty, drugs, violence, crime and prejudice cannot be dealt with by active citizens of vibrant communities.’
    • ‘Neighborhoods of homeowners - whether in a city or a suburb - become something more than collections of houses; they evolve into communities of active citizens.’
    • ‘Government and public services have to learn to treat active citizens as the invaluable resource they are.’
    • ‘They are the ultimate active citizens, creating the crucial link between police and communities and providing us with an excellent example of what communities should, and can, be.’
    • ‘However, the government's drive to encourage people to become active citizens will take root with more people participating in a dynamic locally-orientated politics.’
    • ‘I am sure that our election will lead to a future electorate who are fully involved in the democratic process as active citizens.’
    • ‘Turning classrooms into politically correct therapy centres will fail to produce active citizens and, more importantly, will deprive our children of a decent education.’
    • ‘Their strength must lie in refusing to be victims and in becoming active citizens, politically engaged both domestically and internationally.’
    • ‘Today's political elite has no use for genuinely engaged and active citizens who actually want to shape their own lives and society at large.’
    • ‘There is no evidence that access to round-the-clock news is creating better, more active citizens.’
    • ‘Far better being an active citizen than a moaning passive consumer of the latest mobile phone.’
    • ‘Community service-learning empowers students to become active citizens and builders of their own communities as well as of the larger society.’
    • ‘Only a civil society, in which active citizens are freely engaged in public life and show altruism and solidarity with others, can keep democracy vital.’
    • ‘My intention is to work with grassroots organizations, trade unions, environmental groups and active citizens ' organizations to try to revitalize American democracy.’
    • ‘Engagement in international volunteering projects contributes to peace & social understanding, encouraging young people to become more active citizens.’
    • ‘Lowering the voting age may not be the magic bullet to improve the lives of youth, but by giving youth a real stake in their futures, it will push them to become involved, active citizens of this great nation.’
    • ‘Democracy is not only about free elections, but also about well-functioning political parties, independent media and active citizens in the democratic process.’
    • ‘I have established the Tom Burnett Family Foundation, which we are working to educate youth to be active citizens and tomorrow's leaders.’
    • ‘People will become collective, conscious makers and designers of their environment-they will be active citizens directly involved in shaping their society.’


active citizen