Meaning of active list in English:

active list



  • A list of the officers in an armed service who are liable to be called on for duty.

    ‘Consequently, the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve was formed to create a pool of aircrewmen who could be brought on to the active list as soon as war seemed imminent.’
    • ‘An amorous escapade saw him placed on half pay, but he was restored to the active list to rewrite the cavalry manual, and commanded cavalry brigades at Canterbury and Aldershot.’
    • ‘During the same period of time, a total of 88,000 military personnel were taken from the active list,’ Hsia said.’
    • ‘Officers retain their commissions when they are transferred from the Active List to the Retired List.’
    • ‘Officers who have served or who are serving on the Active List of the RN or RM can become members of the Society and, as such, are eligible for a higher level of grant.’