Meaning of active voice in English:

active voice

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  • A form or set of forms of a verb in which the subject is typically the person or thing performing the action and which can take a direct object (e.g. she loved him as opposed to the passive form he was loved)

    ‘rewrite the sentence in the active voice’
    • ‘In your own writing, therefore, favor the active voice whenever you can.’
    • ‘They tell me I have to use the active voice for the resume.’
    • ‘We prefer the active voice to the passive.’
    • ‘Expect more use of the active voice - "we made mistakes" - in official pronouncements in the coming weeks.’
    • ‘Current stylistic conventions dictate that authors should use the active voice in most forms of writing.’
    • ‘The active voice will help give your scripts some vitality and life.’
    • ‘Another advantage of sentences written in the active voice is that the sentences are usually shorter.’
    • ‘18) The active voice is preferred by most writers.’
    • ‘The few statistical studies we have seen or heard of indicate that you are likely to use the active voice most of the time anyway.’
    • ‘The use of active voice rather than passive voice is recommended in scientific writing.’