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  • A person who is both manager and actor in a theatre company.

    ‘In a time that now seems distant, traveling theatrical repertory companies under the aegis of actor-managers like Laurence Olivier were a common phenomenon.’
    • ‘In spite of losing some £65,000 as an actor-manager at the Old Vic for eight years, he wrote in a letter that there are ‘few occupations more delightful than administering a theatre with imagination and dignity’.’
    • ‘The great 18th century actor-manager David Garrick performed a work entitled ‘Prologue for Mother Shipton to a New Speaking pantomime’.’
    • ‘One of the first to spot my potential was the renowned actor-manager Sir Arthur Astoria.’
    • ‘Her dancing master, well connected, was enchanted enough to introduce her to the most eminent actor-manager of the day, David Garrick.’