Meaning of actressy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaktrɪsi/


  • Self-consciously theatrical or emotionally volatile, in a way that is stereotypically associated with actresses.

    ‘her actressy manner’
    • ‘She is quite actressy - that air of refined largesse - and also seems quintessentially English.’
    • ‘There are no actressy affectations, no gush about wanting to adopt her fellow actors because they're all just… ‘so incredibly divine’.’
    • ‘Other than that, she insists, ‘I have no big worries or actressy obsessions.’’
    • ‘She was told that she would never work if she kept her natural speaking voice and so adopted the identikit RP actressy tones you hear from Smith and the like.’
    • ‘IT'S A very actressy thing to do, of course - just not a very Glasgow-in-November thing.’
    • ‘Blanchett turns in another of her actressy strong-woman performances.’
    • ‘As she gets ready to portray a neurotic New Yorker, she displays all the usual actressy contradictions.’
    • ‘I would guess she wears a size 10, but looks hale and healthy rather than actressy and neurotic.’
    • ‘Graves is quietly incisive and commanding as the relatively humane Dr. Treves, but Burton is a trifle too actressy even for an actress portraying an actress.’
    • ‘There's nothing actressy or contrived about it.’
    exaggerated, theatrical, ostentatious, actressy, stagy, showy, melodramatic, overacted, overdone, overripe, actorly, histrionic, affected, mannered, artificial, stilted, unreal, forced