Meaning of actualize in English:


Pronunciation /ˈak(t)ʃʊəlʌɪz/

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(also British actualise)
[with object]
  • Make a reality of.

    ‘he had actualized his dream and achieved the world record’
    • ‘What this master couple has effectively accomplished is to actualize the great marital paradox: that people can only change if they don't feel they have to.’
    • ‘[A] way-too-short informative clip (you want it to go on for days) features a typical Marin County self-help group talking about actualizing your dreams.’
    • ‘Recognize the potential; actualize the dream.’
    • ‘You have the support you need to achieve success and actualize dynamic plans.’
    • ‘You fulfill personal promises and actualise professional plans.’
    • ‘Veena abided by her son's decision to let the young girl actualise her potential and dream.’
    • ‘It seems that high ratings for networks can only be actualised in this day and age through reality programming.’
    • ‘We need partners to fulfill other aspects of actualizing our digital plans, specifically in terms of information distribution.’
    • ‘The Gilmores knew that dreams have to be actualized by hard work and diligence.’
    • ‘She was resolute about everyone's capacity to be free, and she insisted that we all do our absolute best to realize and actualize that capacity through’
    • ‘Many of us are no longer surprised at just about anything we read explaining the achievements of contemporary bioengineers; milestones are actualized with precipitous frequency.’
    • ‘You can be a creator in professional aspects to actualize original plans and ideas that bring success, satisfaction and appreciation today.’
    • ‘Achievement - feeling of accomplishment/personal growth/opportunity to actualise potential’
    • ‘You had some grand ideas and put a lot of dynamic energy into actualizing them but it frustrates you to see things not working according to your plans.’
    • ‘Designing choreography that could never be actualized by human beings.’
    • ‘Every single square centimeter of the metropolitan area contains some potential added-value, waiting to be actualized.’
    • ‘In other essays, teams are de-incentivized, plans are actualized, the day is workplanned.’
    • ‘When I actualized this project I very carefully researched it to see if anyone had done anything similar.’
    • ‘Huge global corporations embraced the whole concept and actualized their companies around a database and mainframe.’
    • ‘You come up with brilliant ideas and plans that are actualized without inviting opposition or competition.’
    fulfil, achieve, accomplish, make real, make a reality, make happen, make concrete, bring to fruition, bring about, bring off, consummate, perform, carry out, carry through, execute, actualize, effect