Meaning of acyclovir in English:


Pronunciation /eɪˈsʌɪkləvɪə/


mass nounMedicine
  • An antiviral drug used chiefly in the treatment of herpes and AIDS.

    Also called Zovirax (a trademark)

    ‘Treatment has entered a new era with the development of anti-viral drugs starting with acyclovir, which is beneficial if started in the first 3 days of the illness.’
    • ‘Bladder infections caused by the herpes virus are usually treated with antiviral drugs such as acyclovir.’
    • ‘There is some benefit from the anti viral drug acyclovir and aggressive anti-pain management, but prevention would be better.’
    • ‘When a pregnant woman does come down with chickenpox, she can be treated with the oral antiviral drug acyclovir to help ease symptoms.’
    • ‘In severe cases an antiviral drug called acyclovir may be prescribed early on in the infection.’


1970s from acycl(ic) + vir(al DNA).