Meaning of acyl in English:



as modifier
  • Denoting a radical of general formula —C(O)R, where R is an alkyl group, derived from a carboxylic acid.

    ‘acyl groups’
    • ‘These spectra are similar to those obtained for multilamellar vesicles made of lipids with deuterated acyl chains.’
    • ‘The insertion of the hydrophobic acyl chains into the lipid bilayer forms a putative fourth cytoplasmic loop.’
    • ‘This fold gathers the hydrophobic residues such that the acyl side chains have a reduced exposure to water.’
    • ‘Recently we used this method to study the effect of conjugated double bonds in lipid acyl chains on phase behavior and membrane architecture of die lipids.’
    • ‘In our model a phospholipid molecule is represented by a pair of nearest-neighbor acyl chains, linked covalently to each other.’



/ˈeɪsʌɪl/ /ˈasɪl/


Late 19th century coined in German, from Latin acidus (see acid) + -yl.