Meaning of Adam's ale in English:

Adam's ale


mass noun dated, humorous
  • Water.

    ‘The tour ends with a small tower snack featuring bread and Adam's ale.’
    • ‘And in spite of quantity, and dread, Adam's ale cut no capers with the astonished alimentary canal, but soothed the dark and timorous shores, uplifted the spirit, and brought repose where most other intruders brought horror.’
    • ‘We have a friendly bluetongue lizard about 30 cm. long living happily in our backyard, but he prefers Adam's ale (water).’
    • ‘It is customary in the north of Ireland to refer, in a jocular way, to water as Adam's ale.’
    • ‘A waitress asked him what he wanted to drink, and he said, ‘Adam's Ale.’’