Meaning of Adam's apple in English:

Adam's apple


  • A projection at the front of the neck formed by the thyroid cartilage of the larynx, often prominent in men.

    • ‘The thyroid gland is located under the Adam's apple in the front part of the neck.’
    • ‘Her gaze traveled along the curve of his neck, over his Adam's apple to his jaw line, as he tilted his head back to drain the rest of the bottle.’
    • ‘To make sure you're not confusing the thyroid gland with your Adam's apple, repeat the test.’
    • ‘It is assumed that the fruit was an apple and a piece of this fruit got stuck in Adam's throat, hence the name Adam's apple for the larynx.’
    • ‘The bulge in the neck known as the Adam's apple is the front of this cartilage.’
    • ‘The man placed a strong hand on the Adam's apple on his throat.’
    • ‘The ageing skin and the skin folds of the neck - especially below the Adam's apple - cannot be elevated by means of a facelift.’
    • ‘Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of your neck, just below your Adam's apple.’
    • ‘He had receding grey hair and a large surgical scar, stretching from his Adam's apple to his right ear.’
    • ‘It turns out that, according to NASA, that when we talk to ourselves or mouth words, the brain sends a signal to the Adam's apple and other vocal muscles to begin enunciating the words.’
    • ‘The androgens also promote the secondary sex characteristics of muscle growth, lowered voice range, the Adam's apple, and increased body hair.’
    • ‘His friend - of slight build with a prominent Adam's apple and also wearing a dark tracksuit - acted surprised.’
    • ‘The victims have also described a scar on the side of the man's nose, near his eye and possibly a tattoo or mark on his neck near to his Adam's apple.’
    • ‘The voice box grows in size and the vocal cords lengthen, causing the voice to deepen and the Adam's apple to become more obvious.’
    • ‘He was standing beside someone's boyfriend, a tall youth with straw-colored hair and a big Adam's apple, this paunchy little old man who tucked his arm into mine and walked away with me.’
    • ‘This action pushes on the Adam's apple and compresses the windpipe which prevents air from moving down to the lungs.’
    • ‘He still looked young with a tall thin posture, thin, short and straight black hair with a few dark grey hairs and a protruding Adam's apple.’
    • ‘I agree in general terms that the force applied to the neck was sufficient to leave bruises but not sufficient to damage his Adam's apple.’
    • ‘I look down, and my stomach hits the back of my throat before deciding to settle around my Adam's apple.’
    • ‘The intense pallor of his complexion, tightly cropped ginger hair, and prominent Adam's apple, only emphasised his lack of stature.’


Mid 18th century so named from the notion that a piece of the forbidden fruit became lodged in Adam's throat.