Meaning of adaption in English:


Pronunciation /əˈdapʃn/

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another term for adaptation
‘Serious doubts about arrangements for the adaption of Skipton's Navigation House for people with learning disabilities were voiced last Thursday.’
  • ‘And although I'm pragmatic enough to realise that the books I like and their cinematic adaptions rarely compare favourably, I find myself eagerly anticipating this particular release.’
  • ‘Doyle's screenplays for the film adaptions of his Barrytown Trilogy novels (The Commitments, The Snapper, and The Van) were brilliant.’
  • ‘With only one parent receiving the grant, family, friends and member of the public have rallied round to raise more than £20,000 to pay for adaptions to Dawn's home.’
  • ‘The advice is totally free and grants are available to assist people who require essential adaptions.’
  • ‘I can even understand some of the reservations concerning superhero adaptions and how certain heroes, if not all of them, appear onscreen.’
  • ‘Apart from these adaptions, all other rules and regulations as the ‘normal’ game apply.’
  • ‘It's amazing how many high profile comic adaptions there are this year.’
  • ‘The Dukes Playhouse is presenting Grimm Tales as its annual open-air theatre event - an adaption by Carol Ann Duffy of folk stories collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.’
  • ‘This makes the adaption of existing material easy.’
  • ‘Attraction to physical symmetry, health, and youth is an evolutionary adaption, not a commercially created fiction.’
  • ‘And it will be followed up by an all-new adaption of A Christmas Carol by touring drama group Europe.’
  • ‘And because the movie is an adaption of a novel, the script is just remarkably surreal.’
  • ‘Was it a novel before it was a book or is the book just a movie adaption?’
  • ‘I shall be grateful if you would review your report and consider the adaptions as noted above.’
  • ‘Although the waters eventually receded and the apes returned to land, their aquatic adaptions remained.’
  • ‘Many species have had to make unusual adaptions in order to live in the narrow, rock-strewn central channel.’
  • ‘A scaled-down adaption of the original plan was finally completed and officially opened in 1973 by Queen Elizabeth II.’
  • ‘This article is an adaption of the introduction to his new book.’
  • ‘My fear, which is borne out by the contributions to the debate, is that short term problems and hostility to development will severely limit society's capacity for change and adaption.’