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Pronunciation /ˈadɒn/

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  • 1Something that has been or can be added to an existing object or arrangement.

    as modifier ‘cars with add-on extras’
    • ‘Do you have any add-ons to your existing courses?’
    • ‘And don't pay too much attention to the expensive add-ons some management-training courses include.’
    • ‘The evening shifts and the distance education courses are add-ons; they provide an element of flexibility to the students.’
    • ‘Of course, as this process continues, more companies and organisations will see an opportunity to provide these services, perhaps as an add-on to their existing business.’
    • ‘The dealer put me on a tariff for £25 a month with 500 minutes inclusive talk-time and an add-on pack for an extra £5 for 75 texts a month.’
    • ‘Visits to Jordan's historic sites can be arranged as add-ons to diving holidays.’
    • ‘Well, there's supposed to be the incentive of bonus material, but the extra add-ons to the disc prove to be anything but a ‘bonus.’’
    • ‘A few hours later she drove away in her vehicle of choice - purchased on her terms, with no expensive extras or add-ons.’
    • ‘Today's Mini comes in three guises, although the combination of available extras and aftermarket add-ons means that no two Minis are likely to be the same.’
    • ‘Optional add-ons include horse-riding, canyoning, and whale-watching in the Straits of Gibraltar.’
    • ‘The product is an add-on to an existing or new security system and provides a more sophisticated level of monitoring and notification.’
    • ‘Heat pump water heaters can be purchased as integral units with built in water storage tanks or as add-ons that can be retrofitted to an existing water heater tank.’
    • ‘In just about every area of life the needs and aspirations of people with disability are an afterthought, an expensive add-on, the special needs created by the norms we take for granted.’
    • ‘By listening to the professionals we will be able to find the best way to integrate these activities and plans into the existing curriculum rather than just having them as an add-on.’
    • ‘Available Memorial Day through Labor Day, promotional hotel rates begin at $99 per night and include add-ons like Metro passes, breakfast and parking.’
    • ‘Other add-ons included neatly tucked but well-lit steel running boards, sunroof, adjustable pedals, effective back-up sensors, and more.’
    • ‘In the end, both of the bonus tracks come off as inessential add-ons included for marketing, rather than musical, reasons.’
    • ‘The President has threatened to veto the bill if the desired add-ons are not included.’
    • ‘Skilful driving is rewarded with funds to customise cars, with the usual array of add-ons and fine-tuning tricks that armchair boy-racers drool over.’
    • ‘Selecting from a large choice of add-ons will automatically update the retail price of the car at the bottom of the customer's screen.’
    supplement, appendage, adjunct, addendum, add-on, extra, accompaniment, extension, rider
    1. 1.1An accessory device designed to increase the capability of a computer or hi-fi system.
      as modifier ‘now you can get the incredible sound of compact disc without getting an add-on amplifier’
      • ‘It will probably never appear in the official kernel, but can be used as an add-on package to increase the security of your Linux system.’
      • ‘And as more people use a particular package, more developers become trained in customizing the system and more software add-ons are created.’
      • ‘Visor stands out because of its Springboard expansion slot, which lets you snap in add-ons that can increase memory or turn the handheld into a digital camera, MP3 music player, and more.’
      • ‘Setting a secure password policy with no enforcement mechanism would have been pointless, so Burnette installed an add-on system component that would allow them to enforce it.’
      • ‘Practical Computers is designed for individuals who have a working knowledge of computers but are not familiar with the basics of hardware, add-on devices and setting up a computer.’
      • ‘Sata capability is usually an add-on; you can see a dedicated chip on the motherboard.’
      • ‘Storage hardware vendors also offer a remote replication capability as an add-on feature for their higher-end offerings.’
      • ‘While debuts of entirely new software systems are rare, releases of upgrades and add-on modules that increase functionality are occurring at a rapid pace.’
      • ‘They don't limit themselves with integrating wireless controllers directly into the mainboard or adding a special-purpose add-on card as an accessory.’
      • ‘We all know that console add-on devices usually perform VERY poorly in terms of penetration rate into the actual console market.’
      • ‘Most products are currently add-on devices - Bluetooth needs to be integrated before it will gain ground in the marketplace.’
      • ‘The disadvantage was that the bridge/router was a fairly expensive add-on device.’
      • ‘Also people have been talking about Bluetooth-enabled iPods for quite a while and it seems likely that they're coming - either in the form of add-ons or integrated into the device itself.’
      • ‘If you have an older computer and want to take advantage of newer add-ons that only use USB or FireWire, you will need to buy a simple converter or choose a device that uses SCSI.’
      • ‘This add-on security software operates with the new BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 for Microsoft ® Exchange and Java-based handhelds.’
      • ‘For example, consider a computerized appointment calendar that we might want to build as an add-on module to our existing address book.’
      • ‘This can be deployed as an add-on module to existing remote access servers.’
      • ‘SolidWorks is an excellent program, and when you include its add-ons and third-party products, it becomes a formidable tool and suite that continues to raise the bar in 3D mechanical design.’
      • ‘Future add-ons to the program include a serial-port checker as well as a virtual serial-breakout box that will enable the user to change serial pin-outs through software.’