Meaning of add fuel to the fire in English:

add fuel to the fire


(also add fuel to the flames)
  • Cause a conflict or difficult situation to worsen or intensify.

    ‘others in the media have added fuel to the fire by blaming farmers’
    • ‘And yet some free traders have gotten on board with the desire to use protectionist means to boost prices and thereby add fuel to the fire of socialized medicine.’
    • ‘It adds fuel to the fire, and to the pain and hatred on the other side.’
    • ‘But there is another group that adds fuel to the fire, and that is predatory young men.’
    • ‘I'm even afraid to respond to this, for fear that it adds fuel to the fire.’
    • ‘We are all in the game to promote football and talking down to a player is simply adding fuel to the flames and has to be stamped out.’
    • ‘There is no denying that the mass media and pop song fans play a vital role in adding fuel to the flames.’
    • ‘It is very important therefore that emotions, particularly on the volatile land expropriation issue, be kept in check on all sides; and the President should show the way instead of adding fuel to the fire in this regard.’
    increase, magnify, amplify, augment, intensify, heighten, deepen, enhance, boost, inflate, escalate