Meaning of add on in English:

add on

phrasal verb

  • add something on, add on somethingInclude something as an additional element.

    ‘some box offices now add on a handling charge’
    • ‘the price advertised was not the price I paid as they added on a service charge of 15 per cent’
    • ‘five minutes added on to a lesson is neither here nor there’
    • ‘Add on an app that helps you cover important topics and reading material in 12 minutes flat, and you're set for just about anything.’
    • ‘Each year, I add on a new room in my home to decorate and this year I decided to tackle the kitchen.’
    • ‘Lawsuit loan agents can add on an unneeded 15-20% in expense to your deal.’
    • ‘Add on a coffee for a little caffeine boost.’
    • ‘ Add on a bottle of organic wine for €15.’
    • ‘Owners says they hope to add on a kitchen in the future.’
    • ‘Sometimes you might forget to add on extras that can hike up the price.’
    • ‘ Add on the figures for the TV broadcasts and you're talking about a 'reach' into 20 million households every week.’
    • ‘Home emergency insurance is sometimes added on to home contents and buildings insurance.’
    • ‘The fee is added on to your balance when the card is opened.’