Meaning of adda in English:



  • 1Indian A place where people gather for conversation.

    ‘So what is it that translates four walls and an eatery into an icon, an adda or a hangout?’
    • ‘Best of all, I enjoy Calcuttans, those impossible, hard-to-please individuals, forever sneering at the rest of the world and drinking endless cups of over-brewed tea in informal addas or meeting places.’
    • ‘And as for noise, crowds, dirt, adda, sweet shops, music, history, all of which make up the spirit of the city - these have been missed out entirely.’
    • ‘After all, the City does have a plethora of Barista outlets, Cafe Coffee day joints and namma India Coffee House adda on M.G.Road.’
    • ‘Offer him a chicken biryani from Paradise or Bawarchi or take him for a cup of piping hot tea and a couple of Osmania biscuits at the neighbourhood Irani adda?’
    1. 1.1An illicit drinking place.
      ‘the young men spent their time at the street-corner addas and tea stalls’
      • ‘He goes into a shouting and raving fit, which culminates in his going to an adda and drinking himself into an aggressive somnolence.’
      • ‘They like many others had been regular visitors to the adda near a police station.’
      • ‘Have neighbourhood parks turned into ‘addas’ for local goons, and the ‘timepass types’?’
    2. 1.2mass noun Informal conversation among a group of people.
      ‘‘Go upstairs and enjoy a little adda with our neighbours.’’
      • ‘All night performances of classical and folk music, plays, magicians and mime artistes, round table discussions and adda will entertain all Kolkatans wanting a mega-dose of culture a la Bengal.’
      • ‘Some of Chakrabarty's concerns in this book - modernity, adda and the shadow of Benjamin's flâneur - occupy a similarly ambivalent position in relationship to his provenance as a subalternist historian.’
      • ‘For historical and social reasons, both activities are largely the preserve of the male; there are few female flâneurs and, as Chakrabarty points out, female participation in an adda is exceptional.’
      • ‘In Delhi I lived just a sharp cover point's throw away from his house and thus partook of many addas hosted by him and his wife, the distinguished literary scholar Meenakshi Mukherjee.’
      • ‘Hassani's friends invite interested people; they also help initiate the discussions, not unlike Kolkata's intellectual addas, over many cups of hot sweet Afghani tea.’
      discussion, talk, chat, gossip, tête-à-tête, heart-to-heart, head-to-head, exchange, dialogue, parley, consultation, conference
  • 2Indian A junction point for public transport.

    • ‘This was a shot of a truck standing at an 'Adda' (Bus Stop).’



/ˈʌdə/ /ˈadə/


From Hindi aḍḍā, originally in the sense ‘perch for tame birds’.