Meaning of addend in English:


Pronunciation /ˈadɛnd/


Mathematics Computing
  • A number which is added to another.

    Compare with augend

    ‘as its name suggests the Accumulator ‘accumulates’ by keeping its addend in memory and incrementing by the addend it receives from another transmitting unit’
    • ‘The width of the sum in any direction equals the sum of widths of the addends in that direction.’
    • ‘Indeed, the sum is a polygon whose vertices are obtained as the sums of vertices of the addends.’
    • ‘In order to add two numbers three registers are normally required: two for the two addends and one more for the result.’
    • ‘The addends of the problems were lower than 6 and their sums were lower than 9.’
    • ‘In this code, the addend is left on the stack.’


Late 17th century from Latin addendus ‘to be added’, gerundive of addere (see add).