Meaning of addictively in English:



See addictive

‘And in winter, should you not be initiated in the mysterious rites of ski or snowboard, you might be able to slide down on a toboggan - utterly terrifying, yes, but addictively so.’
  • ‘The screen has missed Streep, who has given addictively moving performances in several classics, and many highly watchable portrayals in otherwise average films.’
  • ‘Furst's novels, masterly analyses of character as much as plot-driven thrillers, are addictively readable and Dark Voyage is a fine example of his art.’
  • ‘The chicken wings were addictively decent, up until the moment you considered the process that brought them to your table.’
  • ‘You can't help wishing real life was as addictively simple as bashing the monsters and hoarding the loot.’