Meaning of additive-free in English:


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  • (especially of food) containing no additives.

    ‘eggs are good for us, being natural, wholesome, and additive-free’
    • ‘the importance of additive-free nutrition’
    • ‘additive-free body care products’
    • ‘What additive-free brands do bring with them is a premium price.’
    • ‘The price increase will allow the introduction of a vegetarian menu and more additive-free food.’
    • ‘The mums and dads requested "additive-free food, less fat and carbohydrate and more fresh fruit and vegetables."’
    • ‘She said although there were snack machines in school, one sold healthier additive-free options and no fizzy drinks were available in school hours.’
    • ‘But in response to frustration at the lack of fresh, additive-free organic baby food available, a number of small producers have taken matters into their own hands.’
    • ‘This bread is organic, additive-free and made to an original artisan recipe.’
    • ‘The additive-free blood was allowed to clot in the dark at room temperature for 30 minutes.’
    • ‘A control group of children was given an additive-free placebo drink that looked and tasted the same.’
    • ‘A bowl of naked noodles enhanced with your own choice of additive-free flavours is far safer to eat than off-the-shelf packs.’
    • ‘This Etobicoke butcher offers an endless list of homemade signature sausages, all of which are made preservative- and additive-free.’